Week 2-3

I started school last week and I’ve been surprisingly busy meeting new people and trying to get my new life sorted. Everything is going suprisingly fast, it almost seems that everytime I meet a new face, I forget it the moment after.

I’m in the Natural Sciences program which means that I’m supposed to have Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, Philosophy, and Biology. Luckily I got out of doing Philosophy and Psychology because from where my Swedish is now, I don’t think those classes would be the right fit for me.

Other than that we have traveled to Värnamo to get some clothes for my host sister and saw their festival week- which was super fun and super hot. This Wednesday I’m going to Åre which means that I’m going to great hiking photos. Overall, I still haven’t have felt a strong sense of homesickness yet probably due to the fact I’m still trying to figure out what going on.

Published by amywashbond

Exchange Student to Sweden 2019-2020

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