Week 2-3

I started school last week and I’ve been surprisingly busy meeting new people and trying to get my new life sorted. I’m in the Natural Sciences program which means that I’m supposed to have Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, Philosophy, and Biology. Luckily I got out of doing Philosophy and Psychology because if I already know I’m not doing well in Physics and Chemistry- I might have a melt down in Philosophy. Other than that we have traveled to Värnamo to get some clothes for my host sister and saw their festival week- which was super fun and super hot. This Wednesday I’m going to Åre which means that I’m going to great hiking photos. Overall, I still haven’t have felt a strong sense of homesickness yet.

Language Camp

It’s nearing the last day of language camp and it was so fun to meet other exchange students. I have to say I didn’t learn too much swedish that I didn’t know already, but it was fun meeting other people and seeing where they are from.

Honestly, I was expecting more people to know more swedish since it was one of the requirements to learn the basics. At first, I was a little frustrated but it was helpful to review the very basics.

We went to two different locations for activities. First was a mine which was a fun experience for me. I’ve never been to a mine before so it was fun to explore the different tunnels and water pools. Next, we went to a lake where there was a great view of the sunset as well as ducks that roamed around on the grass.


I have arrived in Ljungby, Sweden! Even though I have only been here a full day I can already tell that I will love where I am staying. Although a very small town, it’s very pretty with traditional Swedish wooden houses painted bright colors.

The family I’m with has four kids in their family. I’m taking place of one of them while she goes on Exchange in the U.S. The house I’m staying at is located 10 minutes by foot to the school, and starts an hour later than my high school at home (Which ultimately means I won’t have to wake up at ungodly hours in the morning- I’m definitely not complaining about that.)

The first full day we went to Halmstad to watch my host sister play beach volleyball. I’m very pale so I definitely did not blend in with the extremely tan Swedes (it’s surprising, but true).

5 minutes away, after the beach tournament we headed to their summer cottage also on the beach. The water over there was much more shallow and had very nice.