Language Camp

It’s nearing the last day of language camp and it was so fun to meet other exchange students. I have to say I didn’t learn too much swedish that I didn’t know already, but it was fun meeting other people and seeing where they are from.

Honestly, I was expecting more people to know more swedish since it was one of the requirements to learn the basics. At first, I was a little frustrated but it was helpful to review.

We went to two different locations for activities. First was a mine which was a new experience for me. I’ve never been to a mine before so it was fun to explore the different tunnels and water pools. Next, we went to a lake where there was a great view of the sunset as well as ducks that roamed around on the grass.

Published by amywashbond

Exchange Student to Sweden 2019-2020

One thought on “Language Camp

  1. Amy,I am a member of the South Puget Sound Rotary Club. I was reading your posts and found them very interesting. Thank you for making the time to do this once in a while. Hopefully you are having a good experience in school and in the exchange in general.


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