Swedish Blog

Hej, jag heter Amy och jag är en utbytesstudent från USA!

Hi, my name’s Amy and I am an exchange student from the USA!

Follow my journey in Sweden as I take on exchange for a full year. I hope to post monthly with my experiences both with activities and check-ins. I’m also doing a vlog where you can see some of my journey through video.



Published by amywashbond

Exchange Student to Sweden 2019-2020

3 thoughts on “Swedish Blog

  1. So glad to hear you arrived safe and sound, and that you had a good beginning to your exchange! We can’t wait to hear more! Please send me your Whats App phone number, via e-mail is fine. Keep having fun!


  2. Sweden is a lovely country. You will love it!
    The people are wonderful. It will be interesting to see how much Swedish you will be able to practice with so many folks speaking English. We need to follow their example of teaching foreign languages to the young children.
    Good luck on your exchange!

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